In Gay New York

Original Broadway Production (1896)

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Ballet Staging

Cast Highlights

Mrs. DeShyster Van Shoddie
Sally Tompkins
Prince Rouge-et-Noir
Edgardo Macready Boothand Barrett Todd
Duke of Mulligatawny
Grand Central Pete

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • The Cripple Creek Bandits .... Henry Norman & Chorus
  • Girlie Girl .... Lillian Swain & Others
  • In Gay New York
  • Jim Jam
  • Jusqu'la
  • Lurline
  • Mollie
  • Take Me Down to Coney Island
  • A Trip Around the Town
  • It's Forty Miles from Schenectady to Troy
  • Turn Your Great Eyes on Me
  • Just a Little Lump of Sugar for the Bird .... Virginia Earle
  • Illustrative Dance of English Peers and American Heiresses
  • Ballet
  • The Icicle Ballet
  • Newspaper Ballet
  • Ballet, La Petit Adelaide
  • Newhouse and Waffle, the Wandering Minstrels of Palmer Cox's "Brownies"
  • The Sisters Witt (Dance Duet)
  • Ross Snow (the Tuneful Tramp)

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Trivia & History

The production was billed as Canary & Lederer's third annual Casino review.

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