Never Gonna Dance

Original Broadway Production (2003)

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Cast Highlights

Penny Carroll
Lucky Garnett
Mr. Pangborn
Alfred J. Morgenthal
Mr. Chalfont
Margaret Chalfont
Major Bowes
Ricardo Romero

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Dearly Beloved .... Lucky and His Charms
  • Put Me to the Test .... Lucky
  • I Won't Dance .... Lucky and the Company
  • Pick Yourself Up .... Penny and Lucky
  • Pick Yourself Up (Reprise) .... Mabel and Morganthal
  • Who? .... Ricardo Romero and the Rome-Tomes
  • I'm Old Fashioned .... Penny
  • She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No .... Spud and Velma
  • The Song is You .... Mabel, Morganthal and Waitresses
  • The Way You Look Tonight .... Lucky and Penny

Act Two

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  • Waltz in Swing Time .... Company
  • Shimmy With Me .... Mabel and the Company
  • Fine Romance, A .... Penny, Lucky, Mabel and Morganthal
  • I'll Be Hard to Handle .... Spud and Velma
  • I Got Love .... Mabel
  • The Most Exciting Night .... Ricardo Romero and the Rome-Tomes
  • Remind Me .... Penny and Lucky
  • Never Gonna Dance .... Lucky and Penny
  • Dearly Beloved (Reprise) .... Company
  • I Won't Dance (Reprise) .... Company

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Trivia & History

  • Producers blamed extreme weather conditions which caused a slump in ticket sales for the closing. The winter in New York was unusually harsh in 2003.

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