Hello, Dolly!

Film Version (1969)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Dolly Levi
Horace Vandergelder
Cornelius Hackl
Irene Molloy
Minnie Fay
Barnaby Tucker
Ambrose Kemper
Gussie Granger
Orchestra Leader

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Call on Dolly .... Company
  • Just Leave Everything to Me .... Dolly Levi
  • Main Titles (Overture) .... Orchestra
  • It Takes a Woman .... Horace Vandergelder and Men
  • It Takes a Woman (Reprise) .... Dolly Levi
  • Put on Your Sunday Clothes .... Dolly Levi, Cornelius Hackl, Barnaby Tucker and Company
  • Ribbons Down My Back .... Irene Molloy
  • Dancing .... Dolly Levi, Cornelius Hackl, Barnaby Tucker and Company
  • Before the Parade Passes By .... Dolly Levi and Company
  • Elegance .... Irene Molloy, Cornelius Hackl, Minnie Fay and Barnaby Tucker
  • Love Is Only Love .... Dolly Levi
  • Hello, Dolly! .... Dolly Levi, Louis Armstrong and Company
  • It Only Takes a Moment .... Cornelius Hackl, Irene Molloy and Company
  • So Long Dearie .... Dolly Levi
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

Hello, Dolly! is often thought of as having a been a huge flop at the box office. In fact, it was one of the highest grossing films of the year it was released. Because its production cost was so high — usually said to have been $25 million — it managed to be one of the highest grossing films of the year and to still have lost a bundle for the 20th Century Fox. Because of the way film rentals work and because of the costs of advertising, it was usually estimated at that time period that a film needed to gross two-and-a-half times its production cost to break even. On its initial release, the film grossed $33 million. So while it was a disaster for the studio, it was actually popular with audiences. Just not nearly popular enough. 

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