Sweet Charity

Broadway Revival (1986)

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Charity Hope Valentine
Vittorio Vidal
Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck
Good Fairy

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • You Should See Yourself .... Charity, Dark Glasses
  • The Rescue .... The Passers-By
  • Big Spender .... Nickie, Helene and the Fan-Dango Girls
  • Rich Man's Frug .... Dana Moore, Kelly Patterson, Adrian Rosario — The Patrons
  • If My Friends Could See Me Now .... Charity
  • Too Many Tomorrows .... Vittorio 
  • There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This .... Charity, Nickie, Helene
  • I'm the Bravest Individual .... Charity, Oscar

Act Two

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  • Rhythm of Life .... Daddy, Brother Harold, Brother Ray and Worshippers
  • Baby Dream Your Dream .... Nickie and Helene
  • Sweet Charity .... Oscar
  • Where Am I Going .... Charity
  • I'm a Brass Band .... Charity and her Brass Band
  • I Love to Cry at Weddings .... Herman, Waiter, Nickie, Helene, Girls and Patrons

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Trivia & History

We are counting the runs in Los Angeles (July 19-August 31, 1985) and San Francisco (September 7-November 2, 1985) as tryout runs despite the layoff of more than five monts from the end of the San Francisco run till the start of Broadway previews. When the tryout started, John Bowab was credited as the director, and Gwen Verdon was credited with reproducing the original choreopgrahy, while Bob Fosse was credited as the production supervisor. When the production opened on Broadway, Fosse was credited as director and choreographer. Ads for the Los Angeles run originally listed Fosse as director, but then it was announced that was not truly accurate, that Bowab would be the credited director, with Fosse supervising. By the time of the opening, it was reported that despite the official credits, Fosse had taken over as director for all intents and purposes.

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