Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles Production (1993)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Prologue .... Joe
  • Let's Have Lunch .... Joe and Ensemble
  • Surrender .... Norma
  • With One Look .... Norma
  • Salome .... Norma and Joe
  • The Greatest Star of All .... Max
  • Every Movie's a Circus .... Joe, betty, Artie and Ensemble
  • New Ways to Dream .... Norma
  • The Lady's Paying .... Manfred, Norma, Joe and Salesman
  • The Perfect Year .... Norma and Joe
  • This Time Next Year .... Joe, Betty, Artie and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Sunset Boulevard .... Joe
  • The Perfect Year (Reprise) .... Norma
  • As If We Never Said Goodbye .... Norma
  • Surrender (Reprise) .... Cecil B. DeMille
  • Girl Meets Boy (Reprise) .... Betty and Joe
  • Eternal Youth is Worth a Little Suffering .... Norma's Consultants
  • Too Much in Love to Care .... Betty and Joe
  • New Ways to Dream (Reprise) .... Max
  • Sunset Boulevard (Reprise) .... Joe and Betty
  • The Greatest Star of All (Reprise) .... Max and Norma
  • Surrender (Reprise) .... Norma

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Trivia & History

Initially, Faye Dunaway and Rex Smith were to replace Close and Campbell.  However, Dunaway was hired with no prior musical stage (or film) experience, and a week before her previews were to begin, Lloyd Webber fired her and decided to close the show.

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