Sail Away

London Production (1962)

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Musical Numbers and Dances

Cast Highlights

Joe, the ship's purser
Barnaby Slade
Mr. Sweeney
Mrs. Sweeney
Elinor Spencer-Bollard
Nancy Foyle, her niece
Johnny Van Mier
Mrs. Van Mier, his mother
Alvin Lush
Mimi Paragon

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Come to Me .... Mimi Paragon and the Stewards
  • Sail Away .... Johnny Van Mier
  • Come to Me (reprise) .... Mimi Paragon
  • Where Shall I Find Him .... Nancy
  • Beatnik Love Affair .... Barnaby
  • Later Than Spring .... Johnny
  • The Passenger's Always Right .... Joe and Stewards
  • Useless Useful Phrases .... Mimi
  • Where Shall I Find Her (reprise) .... Barnaby
  • The Little Ones' ABC .... Mimi and Children
  • Go Slow Johnny .... Johnny
  • You're a Long, Long Way From America .... Mimi and the Company

Act Two

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  • The Customer's Always Right .... Ali and the Arabs
  • Something Very Strange .... Mimi
  • Italian Wedding Ballet
  • Don't Turn Away From Love .... Johnny
  • Bronxville Darby & Joan .... Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney
  • If You Want Me .... Nancy and Barnaby
  • Later Than Spring (reprise) .... Mimi
  • When You Want Me (reprise)
  • Why Do the Wrong People Travel .... Mimi

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Trivia & History

The idiosyncracies in our list of musical numbers for the production reflect the way they were listed in the production's program. Perhaps oddest was the listing of the song known as "When You Want Me" in the Broadway as "If You Want Me," but which was then listed "When You Want Me" for the reprise (for which no performers were listed).

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