Oh What a Lovely War

Broadway Production (1964)

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Cast Highlights

Russia / English Signaller
French Captain / Assassin
Russia / Luxembourg Signaller / Irish Private
Moltke / Belgium
France / French Lieutenant
England / Sir John French / The Padre
Sir Henry Wilson
German Officer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Row Row Row .... Ensemble
  • We don't want to lose you .... The Ladies
  • Belgium put the Kibosh on the Kaiser .... Valerie Walsh
  • Medley ? Are we downhearted, It's a long way to TIpperary, Hold your hand out Naughty Boy .... The Men
  • I'll make a man of you .... Barbara Windsor
  • Pack Up Your Troubles (in Your Old Kit Bag) .... The Men
  • Hitchykoo .... Fanny Carby
  • Heilige nacht .... Colin Kemball
  • Christmas day in the cookhouse .... Brian Murphy
  • Goodbye?ee .... Victor Spinetti

Act Two

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  • Oh What a Lovely War .... Ensemble
  • Gassed last night .... The Men
  • Roses of Picardy .... Linda Loftis, Ian Paterson
  • Hush here comes a Whizzbang .... The Men
  • There's a long long trail .... Ian Paterson
  • I don't want to be a soldier .... The Men
  • Kaiser Bill .... The Men
  • They were only playing leapfrog .... The Men
  • Old soldiers never die .... Murray Melvin
  • If you want the old batallion .... The Men
  • Far far from wipers .... Colin Kemball
  • If the sergeant steals your rum .... The Men
  • I wore a tunic .... Ian Paterson
  • Forward Joe Soap's Army .... The Men
  • Fred Karno's Army .... The Men
  • When this lousy war is over .... Colin Kemball
  • Wash me in the water .... The Men
  • I want to go home .... The Men
  • The Bells of Hell .... The Men
  • Keep the home fires burning .... Myvanwy Jenn
  • Sister Susie's sewing shirts .... Barbara Windsor
  • Finale: Chanson de Craonne / I don't want to be a soldier / And when they ask us .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

WHen the production opened, Ian Paterson was credited with playing Sir Henry Wilson and a German Officer, and George Sewell was credited with playing the Kaiser and Sir Douglas Haig. During the run, the German Officer was eliminated from the list of "Principal Roles Played by Male Pierrots" (there was no corresponding list for the Female Pierrots), and Paterson took over the role of the Kaiser, with Sewell continuing as Sir Douglas Haig.

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