Of Thee I Sing

Broadway Revival (1952)

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Cast Highlights

Francis X. Gilhooley
Louis Lippman
Matthew Arnold Fulton
Senator Carver Jones
Senator Robert E. Lyons
Alexander Throttlebottom
John P. Wintergreen
Mary Turner
Sam Jenkins
Diana Devereaux

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Wintergreen for President .... Ensemble
  • Who Is the Lucky Girl to Be? .... Diana Devereaux & Ensemble
  • The Dimple on My Knee .... Diana, Sam Jenkins & Ensemble
  • Because, Because .... Diana, Sam & Ensemble
  • As the Chairman of the Committee .... Matthew Arnold Fulton & Company
  • How Beautiful .... Company
  • Never Was There a Girl So Fair .... Company
  • Some Girls Can Bake a Pie .... John P. Wintergreen, Mary Turner & Company
  • Love Is Sweeping the Country .... Sam, Emily Benson & Ensemble
  • Of Thee I Sing .... Wintergreen, Mary & Company
  • Here's a Kiss for Cinderella .... Wintergreen & Ensemble
  • I Was the Most Beautiful Blossom .... Diana
  • Some Girls Can Bake a Pie (reprise) .... Wintergreen, Diana, Judges & Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Hello, Good Morning .... Sam, Emily & Secretaries
  • Mine .... Wintergreen & Mary
  • Who Cares? .... Wintergreen, Mary & Reporters
  • Garcon, S'il Vous Plait .... French Soldiers
  • The Illegitimate Daughter .... The French Ambassador & Ensemble
  • We'll Impeach Him .... Senator Robert E. Lyons, Francis X. Gilhooley & Ensemble
  • Who Cares? (reprise) .... Wintergreen & Mary
  • The Senatorial Roll Call .... Alexander Throttlebottom & Ensemble
  • Who Could Ask for Anything More? .... Mary & Company
  • Posterity Is Just Around the Corner .... Wintergreen & Company
  • Trumpeter, Blow Your Horn .... Ensemble
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

Originally to be produced by Herman Levin and Oliver Smith. It took Levin two years to convince writers George S. Kaufman, Morrie Ryskind and Ira Gershwin to give their permission for a revival. Part of the problem was Kaufman's association with producer Max Gordonand the assumption that Gordon would be the first to get the rights for a new production.

Levin and Smith had wanted Kaufman to direct.

In June 1951, Levin and Smith scrapped their revival citing casting difficulties. It later came out the Paul Hartman and Robert Cummings, the sought-after stars, were demanding percentages that were too high for the budget. (Hartman eventually ended up starring in the revival.)

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