The Music Man

Broadway Revival (1980)

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Cast Highlights

Harold Hill
Mayor Shinn
Marian Paroo
Mrs. Paroo
Winthrop Paroo
Constable Locke
Jacey Squires
Oliver Hix
Olin Britt
Ewart Dunlop

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Rock Island .... Charlie Cowell and Traveling Salesmen
  • Iowa Stubborn .... Townspeople
  • Trouble .... Harold and Townspeople
  • Piano Lesson .... Marian, Mrs. Paroo and Amaryllis
  • Goodnight, My Someone .... Marian
  • Seventy-Six Trombones .... Harold, Boys and Girls
  • Sincere .... Olin, Oliver, Ewart and Jacey
  • The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl .... Harold and Marcellus
  • Pickalittle .... Eulalie and Ladies
  • Goodnight Ladies .... Olin, Oliver, Ewart and Jacey
  • Marian The Librarian .... Harold, Boys and Girls
  • My White Knight .... Marian
  • The Wells Fargo Wagon .... Winthrop and Townspeople

Act Two

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  • It's You .... Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey, Eulalie and Ladies
  • Shipoopi .... Marcellus, Harold, Marian, Tommy, Zaneeta and Kids
  • Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little (Reprise) .... Eulalie and Ladies
  • Lida Rose .... Olin, Oliver, Ewart and Jacey
  • Will I Ever Tell You .... Marian
  • Gary, Indiana .... Winthrop
  • It's You (Reprise) .... Townspeople, Boys and Girls
  • Till There Was You .... Marian and Harold
  • Seventy-Six Trombones (Reprise) .... Marian and Harold
  • Goodnight, My Someone (Reprise) .... Marian and Harold
  • Till There Was You (Reprise) .... Harold
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

The production toured for seven months to generally good business if somewhat mixed reviews before opening at City Center for what was announced as a 12-week run. No specific closing date seems to have been announced, but 12 weeks suggests that the closing date was to have been August 24, 1980.

The production received generally favorable reviews, although Walter Kerr in the New York Times found Dick Van Dyke miscast as Harold Hill. There were some naysayers among the critics, but Variety tabulated the reviews it counted as seven favorable and one “inconclusive” (Kerr’s review having been the inconclusive one). Nonetheless, there was little interest from ticket buyers, and the limited engagement ended up significantly more limited than originally planned.

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