A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Broadway Revival (1972)

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Cast Highlights

Senex, a Roman citizen
Domina, his wife
Hero, his son, in love with Philia
Hysterium, slave to Senex and Domina
Pseudolus, slave to Hero
Marcus Lycus, a buyer and seller of courtesans
Erronius, an old man
Miles Gloriosus, a warrior
Philia, a virgin

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture .... Orchestra]
  • Comedy Tonight .... Prologus, the Proteans and the Company
  • Farewell .... Domina
  • Love, I Hear .... Hero
  • Free .... Pseudolus and Hero
  • The House of Marcus Lycus .... Lycus
  • Lovely .... Hero and Philia
  • Everybody Ought to Have a Maid .... Senex, Pseudolus, Hysterium and Lycus
  • I'm Calm .... Hysterium
  • Impossible .... Senex and Hero
  • Bring Me My Bride .... Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus, the Proteans and the Courtesans

Act Two

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  • [Entr'acte .... Orchestra]
  • That Dirty Old Man .... Domina
  • Echo Song .... Philia and Hero
  • Reprise: Lovely .... Pseudolus and Hysterium
  • Dirge .... Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus and Mourners
  • Comedy Tonight  .... The Company

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Trivia & History

Lew Parker, playing Senex, became ill at the end of the pre-Broadway run in Chicago. He had been playing the role since the production had started at the Ahmanson in Los Angeles, before it was decided that the production would move to Broadway. Although Parker was listed in the Broadway opening-night playbill and some sources therefore list him as having played Senex in this revival, he did not play the opening-night performance and he never returned to the show.

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