Broadway Production (1979)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • A Cinema in Buenos Aires July 26, 1952 .... Company
  • Requiem for Evita .... Company
  • Oh What a Circus .... Che, Company
  • On This Night of a Thousand Stars .... Magaldi
  • Eva Beware of the City .... Magaldi, Eva, Family
  • Buenos Aires .... Eva, Dancers
  • Goodnight and Thank You .... Che, Eva, Lovers
  • The Art of the Possible .... Peron, Eva,, Colonels
  • Charity Concert .... Company
  • I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You .... Eva, Peron
  • Another Suitcase in Another Hall .... Peron's Mistress
  • Peron's Latest Flame .... Che, Eva, Company
  • A New Argentina .... Eva, Peron, Che, Company

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada .... Peron, Che, Company
  • Don't Cry for Me Argentina .... Eva
  • High Flying Adored .... Che, Eva
  • Rainbow High .... Eva, Dressers
  • Rainbow Tour .... Che, Eva, Peron, Peronists
  • The Actress Hasn't Learned (The lines you'd like to hear) .... Eva, Che, Company
  • And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) .... Che, Company
  • Santa Evita .... Children, Workers
  • Waltz for Eva and Che .... Eva, Che
  • She Is a Diamond .... Peron, Officers
  • Dice Are Rolling .... Peron, Eva
  • Eva's Final Broadcast .... Eva, Che
  • Montage .... Company
  • Lament .... Eva, Che

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Trivia & History

The role of Evita was a much-coveted role. The show was hyped in the United States after its monstrous success in London. Because of the hype, several big-name stars were looked at for the title role. They included: Barbra Streisand, Ann-Margret, Meryl Streep, Faye Dunaway and Raquel Welch.

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