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Premiere November 26, 1955

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John Copeland
General Howe
Mrs. Murray

Musical Numbers

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Main Program

  • Cheerio .... Generals Howe, Cornwallis, Clinton, Copeland and Tryon
  • Sweet Peter .... General Howe, John and British Soldiers
  • Heigh-Ho, Lackaday .... Girls
  • War Is War .... Mrs. Murray and Girls
  • I Beg Your Pardon .... John and Betsey
  • Old Enough to Love .... General Howe and Mrs. Murray
  • Here in My Arms .... John and Betsey
  • Gavotte .... Officers and Girls
  • Where the Hudson River Flows .... Mrs. Murray, General Howe, Girls and Officers
  • Bye and Bye .... Betsey and John
  • Cheerio (Reprise) .... Mrs. Murray and Girls
  • The Hermits .... General Howe and Mrs. Murray
  • I'd Like to Hide It .... Betsey and Mrs. Murray
  • Here's a Kiss .... Betsey and John
  • Here in My Arms (Reprise) .... Betsey
  • Finale .... Betsey, John, Mrs. Murray, General Howe and Company

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Production Info

Premiere November 26, 1955

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