A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine

Broadway Production (1980)

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Cast Highlights

Mrs. Pavlenko, <i>a Rich Widow</i>
Carlo, <i>her Italian Footman</i>
Gino, <i>her Gardner</i>
Serge B. Samovar, <i>a Moscow Lawyer</i>
Nina, <i>Mrs. Pavlenko's Daughter</i>
Constantine, <i>a Coachman</i>
Masha, <i>the Maid</i>
Sacha, <i>a Manservant</i>

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Just Go to the Movies .... Company
  • Famous Feet .... Priscilla Lopez and David Garrison
  • I Love a Film Cliche .... Frank Lazarus
  • Nelson .... Peggy Hewett
  • Best in the World, The .... Prsicilla Lopez
  • It All Comes Out of the Piano .... Frank Lazarus
  • Ain't We Got Fun .... David Garrison (on clarinet)
  • Too Marvelous for Words .... Kate Draper with David Garrison on clarinet
  • Japanese Sandman .... Stephen James, Priscilla Lopez and David Garrison, with Stephen on ukelele and Priscilla on chopsticks
  • On the Good Ship Lollipop .... Peggy Hewett (singing and on baritone saxophone)
  • Double Trouble .... Peggy Hewett with David Garrison and Stephen James (on melodicas)
  • Louise .... Stephen James, Priscilla Lopez, David Garrison and Kate Draper whistling
  • Sleepy Time Gal .... Stephen James
  • Beyond the Blue Horizon .... Company
  • Doin' the Production Code .... Company
  • Night in the Ukraine, A .... Company

Act Two

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  • Samovar the Lawyer .... Samovar
  • Just Like That .... Nina and Constantine
  • Again .... Nina and Constantine
  • Duel! A Duel!, A .... Company
  • Natasha .... Mrs. Pavlenko
  • Night in the Ukraine, A (Reprise) .... Company

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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