Show Boat

Broadway Revival (1946)

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Parthy Ann Hawks
Captain Andy
Gaylord Ravenal

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Cotton Blossom .... Entire Ensemble
  • Parade and Ballyhoo .... Capt. Andy, Show Boat Troupe & Townspeople
  • Only Make Believe .... Ravenal & Magnolia
  • Ol' Man River .... Joe & Stevedores
  • Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man .... Julie, Queenie, Magnolia, Joe & Quartette
  • Dance: No Gems, No Roses, No Gentlemen .... Ellie & Stage Door Admirers
  • Life on the Wicked Stage .... Ellie & Ensemble
  • Queenie's Ballyhoo .... Queenie & Ensemble
  • Dance: No Shoes .... Sal, Sam & Theatregoers
  • You Are Love .... Magnolia & Ravenal
  • Finale .... Entire Ensemble
  • Levee Dance .... Levee Dancers

Act Two

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  • At the Fair .... Sightseers, Barkers & Ushers
  • Why Do I Love You? .... Magnolia, Ravenal & Ensemble
  • Waltz .... Greek Beauty, Ravenal & Couples
  • In Dahomey .... Dahomey Village
  • Dance of the Dahomeys/Avenue A Release .... Dahomey Queen, Ata, Mala, Bora & the Bewitched
  • Bill .... Julie
  • Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (Reprise) .... Magnolia
  • Service and Scene Music, St. Agatha's Convent
  • Only Make Believe (reprise) .... Ravenal
  • Goodbye, My Lady Love .... Frank & Ellie
  • After the Ball .... Magnolia
  • Ol' Man River (reprise) .... Joe
  • You Are Love (reprise) .... Ravenal
  • Nobody Else But Me .... Kim
  • Dance 1927 .... Kim, Jimmy, Flappers, Cake Eaters & Levee Dancers
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

The playbill contained the following note from Oscar Hammerstein 2nd.:

Mr. Kern and I have kept the libretto and score of "Show Boat" substantially as they were when originally written in 1927.  We have eliminated one "front scene" and three minor musical numbers.  We have added one new song in the last scene of the play, "Nobody Else But Me."  This takes the place of a series of imitations of stars of the Twenties performed in this spot by the original Magnolia, Miss Norma Terris.

I am particulalry anxious to point out that the lyric for the song "Bill" was written by P. G. Wodehouse.  Although he has always been given credit in the program, it has frequently been assumed that since I wrote all the other lyrics for "Show Boat," I also wrote this one, and I have had praise for it which belongs to another man.

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