The Boy Friend

Film Version (1971)

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Cast Highlights

Polly Browne
Tony Brockhurst
Max Mandeville (Mr. Max/Lord Hubert Brockhurst)
Percy Parkhill/Percy Browne
Moyra Parkhill/Madame Dubonnet
De Thrill

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • The Boy Friend (main titles)
  • Perfect Young Ladies
  • The Boy Friend
  • Won't You Charleston With Me?
  • Fancy Forgetting
  • I Could Be Happy with You
  • Finale Act One
  • Entr'acte
  • You Are My Lucky Star
  • Sur la Plage
  • A Room in Bloomsbury
  • It's Nicer in Nice
  • The You Don't Want to Play with Me Blues
  • Safety in Numbers
  • I Could Be Happy with You (reprise)
  • All I Do is Dream of You
  • It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love
  • Poor Little Pierrette
  • The Riviera
  • The Boy Friend

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Trivia & History

There have been a couple of cuts of the film:

  • The US theatrical release (running 137 minutes).
  • The UK theatrical release (running 125 minutes).
  • The UK director's cut (running 140 minutes; it featured the "Arcadian Interlude", an additional dance sequence in a forest with the cast as mythical figures; and an entr'acte between the two parts; an extended "You-Don't-Want-to-Play-With-Me Blues"; an extended "Nicer in Nice"; and the black and white film interlude in "Never Too Late").
  • When the film had its network television premiere in 1975, CBS edited 38 minutes.
  • A late-80s theatrical re-release added several minutes of material.
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