The Boy from Oz

Original Broadway Production (2003)

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Cast Highlights

Peter Allen
Greg Connell
Liza Minnelli
Judy Garland
Marion Woolnough
Dick Woolnough/Dee Anthony
Young Peter Allen
Chris Bell
George Woolnough
Mark Herron

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Lives of Me, The .... Peter
  • When I Get My Name in Lights .... Young Peter and Ensemble
  • When I Get My Name in Lights (Reprise) .... Peter
  • Love Crazy .... Peter, Chris and Ensemble
  • Waltzing Matilda .... Peter and Chris
  • All I Wanted Was the Dream .... Judy
  • Only an Older Woman .... Judy, Peter, Chris and Mark
  • Best That You Can Do .... Peter and Liza
  • Don't Wish .... Judy
  • Come Save Me .... Liza and Peter
  • Continental American .... Peter, Trick, Gril and Ensemble
  • She Loves to Hear the Music .... Liza and Ensemble
  • Quiet Please, There's a Lady on Stage .... Peter and Judy
  • I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love .... Liza and Peter
  • Not the Boy Next Door .... Peter

Act Two

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  • Bi-Costal .... Peter and Trio
  • If You Were Wondering .... Peter and Greg
  • Sure Thing Baby .... Dee, Greg, Peter, Trio and Male Ensemble
  • Everything Old Is New Again .... Peter and The Rockettes
  • Everything Old Is New Again (Reprise) .... Marion, Dee and Greg
  • Love Don't Need a Reason .... Peter and Greg
  • I Honestly Love You .... Greg
  • You and Me .... Liza and Peter
  • I Still Call Australia Home .... Peter and Ensemble
  • Don't Cry Out Loud .... Marion
  • Once Before I Go .... Peter
  • I Go to Rio .... Peter and Company

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Trivia & History

Rather than try to fill Hugh Jackman's shoes, the show closed during his vacations: February 1–6, 2004 and March 28 – April 2, 2004.

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