Best Foot Forward

Off-Broadway Revival (1963)

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Director and Choreographer

Cast Highlights

Clayton "Dutch" Miller
Monroe "Hunk" Hoyt
Minerva Brooks
Linda Ferguson
Ethel Hofflinger
Bud Hooper
Jack Haggerty
Gayle Joy
Chester Billings
Helen Schlessinger

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Wish I May .... Ensemble
  • Three Men on a Date .... Bud, Dutch, Hunk
  • Hollywood Story .... Gale, Jack
  • Three B's .... Ethel, Minerva, Linda
  • Everytime .... Helen
  • Alive and Kicking .... Gale
  • The Guy Who Brought Me .... Gale, Jack, Hunk, Dutch, Bud
  • Shady Lady-Bird .... Helen, Hunk, Goofy, Satchel, Fred

Act Two

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  • Buckle Down Winsocki .... Old Grad, Hunk & Ensemble
  • You're Lucky .... Gale
  • What Do You Think I Am? .... Hunk, Ethel, Minerva, Dutch & Ensemble
  • Raving Beauty .... Dutch, Minerva
  • Just a Little Joint With a Juke-Box .... Ethel, Goofy, Satchel, Fred
  • You Are for Loving .... Ethel
  • Reprise: Buckle Down Winsocki .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

The cast recording was reported by Variety to have been recorded on March 17, 1963. This was more than two weeks before the opening. It’s possible that the production was in previews, but as there was a New York newspaper strike at the time (the strike was settled on March 30), we have not yet been able to ascertain the date on which previews started.

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