Best Foot Forward

Film Version (1943)

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Cast Highlights

Lucille Ball
Minerva Brooks
Ethel Hofflinger
Bud Hooper
Dutch Miller
Hunk Hoyt
Jack O'Reily
Helen Schlessinger

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  • Buckle Down, Winsocki .... MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Wish I May .... Minerva Brooks, Dutch Miller, Ethel Hofflinger, Hunk Hoyt, Miss Talbert and Captain Bradd
  • Three Men on a Date .... Bud Hooper, Dutch Miller and Hunk Hoyt
  • Two O'Clock Jump .... Harry James and His Music Makers
  • Everytime .... Helen Schlessinger
  • Flight of the Bumble Bee .... Harry James and His Music Makers
  • The Three B's .... Minerva Brooks, Ethel Hofflinger, Nancy, Harry James and His Music Makers
  • I Know You By Heart .... Harry James and His Music Makers
  • My First Promise .... Miss Delaware Water Gap and Harry James and His Music Makers
  • Alive and Kicking .... Nancy
  • You're Lucky .... Lucille Ball
  • Buckle Down, Winsocki (Finale) .... Bud Hooper and Cast

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