Bells Are Ringing

Goodspeed Production (1990)

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Cast Highlights

Ella Peterson
Inspector Barnes
Jeff Moss
Larry Hastings
Dr. Kitchell
Blake Barton

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Opening (Bells Are Ringing) .... Announcer, Ensemble
  • It's a Perfect Relationship .... Ella
  • Independent .... Jeff, Ensemble
  • You've Got to Do It .... Jeff
  • It's a Simple Little System .... Sandor, Ensemble
  • Is It a Crime? .... Ella
  • It's Better Than a Dream .... Ella, Jeff
  • I Met a Girl .... Jeff, Ensemble
  • Long Before I Knew You .... Jeff, Ella

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Mu-Cha-Cha .... Ella and Carl
  • Dance .... Carol, Carl, Carol, Ensemble
  • Just in Time .... Jeff, Ella
  • Drop That Name .... Ella, Ensemble
  • The Party's Over .... Ella
  • Salzburg .... Sue, Sandor
  • The Midas Touch .... Johnnie Monroe and the Pyramid Dancers
  • Long Before I Knew You (Reprise) .... Jeff
  • I'm Goin' Back .... Ella
  • Finale .... Full Company

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Trivia & History

Our opening date for the production is an approximation, based on the date of the earliest reviews we can find.

According to Lew Resseguie's book, The End of the Tunnel, the production was a troubled one. Resseguie, who was a member of the cast, reports a power struggle between director Sue Lawless and choreographer Rob Marshall. According to Ressegule, the result was an unhappy experience for just about everyone and a mediocre production. The latter view is supported by Alvin Klein's review in the New York Times, which blamed Lawless, but Resseguie suggests that the production might have been excellent had Marshall not worked to undermine Lawless's authority.

Nonetheless, the production moved on to a planned second engagement in Michigan.

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