Annie Warbucks

Closed on the road (1992)

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Cast Highlights

Simon Whitehead
Mrs. Sheila Kelly
C. G. Paterson
Avlin T. Patterson
Annie Warbucks
Daddy Warbucks
Commissioner Stark
Ella Patterson

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Musical Numbers

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  • A New Deal for Christmas
  • Annie Ain't Just Annie Anymore
  • Above the Law
  • Changes
  • The Other Woman
  • That's the Kind of Woman
  • A Younger Man
  • But You Go On
  • I Got Me
  • Love
  • Somebody's Gotta Do Somethin'
  • Leave It to the Girls
  • All Dolled Up
  • The Tenement Lullaby
  • It Would Have Been Wonderful
  • When You Smile
  • Wedding, Wedding
  • I Always Knew
  • 'Cause of You
  • Everything Is Nothing Without You
  • You Owe Me, Tootsie
  • I Guess Things Happen for the Best
  • Big Dreams
  • The Day They Say 'I Do'
  • My Valentine
  • When We Get Ours (Then They'll Get Theirs)
  • The Best Thing of All
  • There's Not a Lot a Kid Can Do
  • Money Isn't Everything
  • Beginning

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Trivia & History

The production was originally supposed to open on Broadway on March 18, 1992, however the producers failed to raise the final million needed for the 5.5 million dollar budget.  However, the National Alliance for Musical Theatre Producers Association banded together 5 regional houses to co-produce a tour for them to work on the show and raise more money.  The production was then going to open at the Neil Simon on April 21, 1993...however they once again found trouble getting the money needed.

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