Annie 2

Goodspeed Workshop (1990)

Musical numbers

Musical Numbers

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  • He'll Be Here
  • When You Smile
  • Changes
  • The Other Woman
  • That's the Kind of Woman
  • A Younger Man
  • 'Cause of You
  • But You Go On
  • Rich Girls
  • Ain't Life Grand?
  • I Guess Things Happen For the Best
  • Anything For Love
  • All Dolled Up
  • Cortez
  • A Tenement Lullaby

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Additional Musical Numbers Lists

Early June Song List

Date based off an ad for a Gallery Opening to take place on June 9, 1990.

Act One

  • He'll Be Here .... Annie and Grace
  • When You Smile .... Warbucks, Grace, Annie, The Accountants and The Aides
  • Changes .... Annie
  • Perfect Kid .... The Orphans, Annie and The Bixbys
  • That's the Kind of Woman .... Drake, Warbucks and the Servants
  • A Younger Man .... Warbucks
  • But You Go On .... Frances Riley
  • Rich Girls .... Frances Riley and Miss Stark
  • Annie Two .... Flo, Mitzi, Glenda, Charlie, Frances Riley, Miss Stark and Kate Maguire
  • He Doesn't Know I'm Alive .... Grace
  • If I Wasn't Around .... Annie

Act Two

  • He'll Be Here (Reprise) .... Warbucks, Grace, Steve, FBI and Communications Aides
  • Changes (Reprise) .... Warbucks and Annie
  • I Can Do No Wrong .... Annie, Warbucks, Tim's Voice and Annie's Voice
  • Live a Long, Long Time .... Frances Riley
  • All Dolled Up .... The Orphans, Warbucks, FDR, Frances Riley, Miss Stark, Grace and All
  • Cortez .... Abigail Dabney
  • A Tenement Lullaby .... Frances Riley and Warbucks
  • A Younger Man (Reprise) .... Warbucks
  • Isn't This the Way to Go? .... Frances Riley
  • My Daddy .... Annie
  • When You Smile (Reprise) .... Company

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