The Yearling

Original Broadway Production (1965)

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Cast Highlights

Jody Baxter
Ezra (Penny) Baxter
Ora Baxter
Buck Forrester
Lem Forrester
Mrs. Hutto
Oliver Hutto
Doc Wilson

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Let Him Kick Up His Heels .... Penny and Ora
  • Boy Talk .... Jody and Fodder-Wing
  • Bear Hunt .... Penny, Jody and Forresters
  • Some Day I'm Gonna Fly .... Jody, Fodder-Wing and Forresters
  • Lonely Clearing .... Penny
  • Everything in the World I Love .... Jody, Mrs. Hutto
  • I'm All Smiles .... Twink
  • I'm All Smiles (Reprise) .... Oliver
  • The Kind of Man a Woman Needs .... Ora
  • What a Happy Day .... Ora, Jody, Doc, Buck and Millwheel
  • What a Happy Day (Reprise) .... Jody, Buck, Dock and Millwheel

Act Two

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  • Ain't He a Joy? .... Penny and Jody
  • Why Did I Choose You? .... Penny and Ora
  • One Promise .... Ora
  • One Promise (Reprise) .... Ora and Townspeople
  • Bear Hunt (Reprise) .... Entire Company
  • Everything in the World I Love (Reprise) .... Penny, Jody, Mrs. Hutto, Oliver, Twink, Townspeople
  • What a Happy Day (Reprise) .... Jody
  • Nothing More .... Penny and Jody
  • Everything Beautiful .... Ora

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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