Wonderful Town

Original Broadway Production (1953)

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Dances and Musical Numbers
Additional Choreography (uncredited)

Cast Highlights

Officer Lonigan
Eileen Sherwood
Ruth Sherwood
Robert Baker
Mrs. Wade
Frank Lippencott
Chick Clark

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Christopher Street .... Sung by Guide and The Villagers
  • Ohio .... Ruth, Eileen
  • Conquering New York .... Ruth, Eileen and Ensemble
  • One Hundred Easy Ways .... Ruth
  • What a Waste .... Robert, Associate Editors
  • Story Vignettes (sketch) .... Ruth, with Rexford, Mr. Mallory, Danny, Trent
  • A Little Bit in Love .... Eileen
  • Pass the Football .... Wreck and The Villagers
  • Conversation Piece .... Ruth, Eileen, Frank, Robert, Chick
  • A Quiet Girl .... Robert
  • Conga! .... Sung by Ruth; Danced by the Cadets

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • My Darlin' Eileen .... Eileen and Police
  • Swing! .... Ruth and Villagers
  • Ohio (Reprise) .... Ruth, Eileen
  • It's Love .... Robert and The Villagers
  • Ballet at the Village Vortex .... Villagers
  • Wrong Note Rag .... Ruth, Eileen and The Villagers
  • It's Love (Reprise) .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

The pre-Broadway opening in New Haven was on Monday, January, 19, 1953. During a rehearsal the next afternoon, Rosalind Russell started feeling ill. She with diagnosed as having a respiratory virus and a high fever (102.5), and that evening's performance was canceled. It was announced that the matinee the following day would be postponed till Thursday. Wednesday evening the show went on with Russell's understudy, Patricia Wilkes, in the lead. According to Variety, Wilkes played Ruth through the end of the week of the in New Haven, playing six out of the seven performances there. By the opening in the next tryout city, Boston, on Monday, January 26, Russell was back in the show.

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