Original London Production (1958)

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Musical Numbers Staging

Cast Highlights

Mrs. Hurstpierpoint
Mrs. Thoroughfare
Sister Ecclesia
Grannie Tooke
Thetis Tooke
David Tooke
Mrs. Yajnavalkya
Niri-Esther, her niece
Lady Parvula de Panzoust
Cardinal Pirelli

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Valmouth .... Sir Victor Vatt, Lady Parvula and Ensemble
  • Magic Fingers .... Mrs. Yaj
  • Mustapha .... Mrs. Yaj
  • I Loved a Man .... Thetis
  • All the Girls Were Pretty .... Lady Parvula, Mrs. Thoroughfare and Mrs. Hurstpierpoint
  • What Do I Want With Love .... David Thetis
  • Request Number .... Lady Parvula
  • Wot Den Can Make Him Come So Slow? .... Niri-Esther
  • Big Best Shoes .... Mrs. Yaj and Ensemble
  • Niri-Esther .... Dick and Jack
  • Cry of the Peacock .... Mrs. Yaj, Niri-Esther and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Little Girl Baby .... Mrs. Yaj, Sir Victor Vatt and Niri-Ester
  • The Cathedral of Clemenza .... Cardinal Pirelli, Mrs. Hurstpierpoint, Mrs. Thoroughfare and Jack
  • Only a Passing Phase .... Lady Parvula
  • Where the Trees Are Green With Parrots .... Niri-Esther
  • My Talking Day .... Sister Ecclesia
  • I Will Miss You .... Mrs. Yaj and Grannie Tooke
  • Wedding Anthem .... Madam Mimosa

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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NOTE: The original list of musical numbers on this page comes from a program for the run at the Lyric Opera House in Hammersmith.

Trivia & History

The combined number of performances for the two runs — first, at the Lyric Opera House Hammersmith, and then at Saville — has sometimes been given as 186 and sometimes as 187. We have chosen 186 as most sources give the performance total at the Lyric as 84 and the performance total at the Saville as 102, but it may be that the performance total for the Saville run was 103.

The production played a tryout in Liverpool before the opening at the Lyric, and then played another tryout, this time in Brighton, before the reopening at the Saville.

Two roles were added at some point, probably between the closing at the Lyric and the reopening in Brighton. Those were Almeria Goatpath, the librarian, and George Kissington, a poet. 

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