Two's Company

Original Broadway Production (1952)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Theatre Is a Lady .... Bill Callahan, Boys and Girls
  • Turn Me Loose on Broadway .... Bette Davis, Buzz Miller, R. Pagent, Job Sanders and Stanley Simmons
  • And a Little Child (sketch)
  • It Just Occurred to Me .... Dancers
  • Jealousy (sketch) .... Bette Davis and David Burns
  • Baby Couldn't Dance .... Nora Kaye, Bill Callahan, Stanley Simmons, Florence Baum, Barbara Heath
  • A Man's Home .... Hiram Sherman
  • One's a Crowd (sketch) .... Bette Davis, Hiram Sherman, George S. Irving, Stanley Prager, Teddy Tavenner, E. Renard, Tina Louise, Basha Regis, Clifford Fearl, Dorothy Hill, May Muth, Eleanor Boleyn, Sue Hight, Robert Neukum
  • Roundabout .... Ellen Hanley
  • The Voice of Inexperience (sketch) .... Oliver Wakefield
  • Roll Along, Sadie .... Bette Davis, Hiram Sherman, Buzz Miller, Ralph Linn, Company
  • Out of the Clear Blue Sky .... Peter Kelley, Sue Hight, SIngers
  • Street Scenes (sketch) .... Bette Davis and Hiram Sherman
  • Esther .... David Burns
  • When in Rome (sketch) .... David Burns, Helen Murielle, Stanley Prager, E. Renard, Bette Davis, George S. Irving
  • Haunted Hot Spot .... Ellen Hanley
  • Purple Rose .... Company
  • Just Like a Man .... Bette Davis
  • Finale .... The Company

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Trivia & History

The final performance, on a Sunday evening, was a benefit for the Equity Welfare Fund.

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