Top Banana

Original Broadway Production (1951)

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Cast Highlights

Vic Davis
Jerry Biffle
Cliff Lane
Betty Dillon
Sally Peters
Mr. Parker

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Man of the Year This Week .... Ensemble
  • You're So Beautiful That— .... Cliff
  • Top Banana .... Jerry, Vic, Cliff, Pinky, Moe
  • Elevator Song .... The operators
  • Hail to MacCracken's .... Ensemble
  • Only If You're in Love ... Cliff and Sally
  • My Home Is in My Shoes .... Tommy and Ensemble
  • I Fought Every Step of the Way .... Jerry
  • O.K. for TV .... Jerry, Vic, Sally, Pinky, Moe, Danny, Russ
  • Slogan Song .... Jerry, Betty, Vic, Sally, Cliff, Tommy, Pinky, Moe, Danny, Russ, Parker
  • Meet Miss Blendo .... Entire Company

Act Two

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  • Sans Souci .... Betty, Featured Dancers (Hal Loman, Joan Fields) and Ensemble
  • A Dog Is a Man's Best Friend .... Jerry, "Sport" and the Grenadiers
  • That's for Sure .... Cliff, Sally and Ensemble
  • A Word a Day .... Jerry and Betty
  • Top Babana Ballet ... Jerry and Ensemble
  • Finale ... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Jack Carter took over as a summer replacement for Phil Silvers on July 21, 1952, with Silvers expected to return after Labor Day. Perhaps in part because New York was experiencing a particularly hot summer, the production closed down two weeks later, after the performance on August 2, and re-opened with Silvers on September 1.

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