Three Wishes for Jamie

Original Broadway Production (1952)

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Trivia & History

The show was originally scheduled for fall 1949.

Originally Rouben Mamoulian was to produce with Albert and Arthur Lewis with Mamoulian directing. Mamoulian left in June 1950 and Jed Harris joined in his place. Harris did not remain long.

The tryout was hosted by the Los Angeles and San Francisco Light Operas.

The opening had been set for September 17, 1951. However, the show closed at the San Francisco leg of its tryout. Part of the reason was for revisions/recasting (despite positive reception from West Coast critics) and part was for lack of theatre availability.

Robert Lewis was called in to help in direction during the San Francisco tryout.

After the show closed in San Francisco, it went on hiatus. During the hiatus, Abe Burrows was hired in September to write the book and take over direction. During the hiatus, the title was changed from Three Wishes to Three Wishes for Jamie. Rehearsals began on January 7, 1952 and the opening was scheduled for March 5.

Cecil Kellaway played the role of Owen during tryouts. He resigned a few days after rehearsals began.

There was some difficulty securing the Mark Hellinger Theatre for the show when it's previous tenant, Two on the Aisle, could not arrange a transfer to a suitable theatre. Instead, Two on the Aisle went on tour.

The second tryout yielded enthusiastic buzz but producers Lewis and Lewis decided to give Abe Burrows an extra two weeks to work on the show, postponing the open from March 5 to March 17 and then again to March 21.

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