They're Playing Our Song

Original Broadway Production (1979)

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Cast Highlights

Vernon Gersch
Sonia Walsk
The Voices of Vernon Gersch
The Voices of Sonia Walsk
The Voice of Phil The Engineer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Fallin' .... Vernon
  • Workin' It Out .... Vernon, Sonia & Voices
  • If He Really Knew Me .... Sonia & Vernon
  • They're Playing Our Song .... Vernon & Sonia
  • If He Really Knew Me (reprise) .... Vernon & Sonia
  • Right .... Sonia, Vernon & Voices
  • Just for Tonight .... Sonia

Act Two

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  • When You're in My Arms .... Vernon, Sonia & Voices
  • I Still Believe in Love .... Sonia
  • Fill in the Words .... Vernon & Voices

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Trivia & History

On May 30, 1979, it was reported in the New York Times that the production had paid off its initial cost of $1.1 million to its backers, less than four months after the Broadway opening. The production had originally been capitalized at $800,000, but producer Emanuel Azenberg decided to charter a 747 to transport the sets and costumes to New York from Los Angeles, where the production played its tryout.

According to the Times article, Neil Simon (author of the show's book) invested $400,000 in the show through Nancy Enterprises, a corporation he owned, and star Lucie Arnaz invested $32,000.

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