Take a Chance

Original Broadway Production (1932)

Trivia & History

The cast list contains specific roles for the revue sketches. However, these were not listed in the cast list in the program. They were listed as performers of the songs.

To simplify our song listing, we've elected to include the revue sketch casts as part of the credits list.

Roger Edens provided uncredited vocal arrangements for "Eadie was a Lady".

Rehearsals began on October 17, 1932 and were held at the Selwyn Theatre.

"Eadie Was a Lady" was salvaged from the show Humpty Dumpty (on which Take a Chance was based). Before it was added to Take a Chance, a song called "Poppy Smoke" appeared in its spot sung by Ethel Merman. When it was found that a similar song called "Smokin' Reefers" was in Flying Colors (also playing on Broadway at the same time), writer producer B.G. DeSylva suggested \"Eadie\".

It was a happy change as "Eadie Was a Lady" became one of the biggest hits from the score and a song closely identified with Ethel Merman.

Take a Chance used cast members and scenery/costumes from Humpty Dumpty, which the authors rewrote into Take a Chance.

Premiered in Wilmington on November 5 at a venue unknown. The production then moved to Philadelphia. A tryout run was also held in Newark (venue unknown).

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