Sweet Charity

Original Broadway Production (1966)

Trivia & History

Helen Gallagher replaced Gwen Verdon in late June 1967. On June 30, it was reported in the New York Times that Gallagher's name would go up in lights on the Palace marquee that night. The Times theatre column in which this was mentioned said that the show would close on August 26.

Gallagher had been playing the role since at least June 22. On the morning of that day, Verdon had emergency surgery at New York Hospital to remove a cyst.

On July 1, Vincent Canby, then working as a second-srring theatre critic for the Times, reviewed the show with Gallagher. He gave Gallagher an essentially favorable review, but with reservations in comparison with Verdon. His overall verdict t was that the show was still good, but not as good as it had been with Verdon.

He concluded by saying that the show would probably be at the Palace for a while. It closed two weeks later, six weeks ahead of schedule. 

Although some online sources give the date of the first Broadway preview as January 18, 1966, we believe they started on January 20. Our source is a theatre column published in the New York Times on Monday, January 17, 1966. The column stated that previews will begin on Thursday of that week. The column also stated that opening night had been delayed from January 25 to January 29. The delay of opening night was attributed, at least according to a spokesman for the production, to the fact "that reconversion of the Palace from a movie house to a legitimate theater was taking longer than had been planned." It may be that previews had originally been scheduled to start on January 18 but had been delayed for the same reason.

On Wednesday, June 7, 1967, the matinee performance was canceled when the new air-conditioning system that had recently been installed in the theatre failed. 

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