Sweet Adeline

Original Broadway Production (1929)

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Cast Highlights

Dot, a piccolo player
Emil Schmidt
Addie, his older daughter
Nellie, his younger daughter
Lulu Ward, an actress
Dan Ward, a theatrical advance agent
Tom Martin, first mate, S.S. St. Paul
Ruppert Day
James Day
Sid Barnett, a composer and orchestra leader

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture: Fin de Siecle .... Orchestra under the direction of Gus Salzer
  • Song and Dance—Play Us a Polka Dot .... Dot, Boys and Girls
  • Folk Song—'Twas Not So Long Ago .... Addie and Ensemble
  • Song—My Husband's First Wife .... Lulu 
  • Air and Scene—Here Am I .... Addie and Dot
  • Entrance and Chorus—First Mate Martin .... Tom, Ruppert and Ensemble
  • Buffo Duo—Spring Is Here .... Dot, Ruppert and Girls
  • March Ballad—Out of the Blue .... (a) Jim, Tom and Boys; (b) Dot, Nellie and Girls; (c) Drill, Gus and Will
  • Song—Naughty Boy .... Lulu, Ruppert and Girls
  • Rehearsal
    • (a) Oriental Moon .... Sultan, Jester and Ensemble
    • (b) Mollie O'Donahue .... Maizie O'Rourke and Girls
  • Air—Why Was I Born .... Addie
  • Finale .... Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Scene, Music and Reprise—'Twas Not So Long Ago .... Schmidt
  • Scene, Music and Ensemble—Winter in Central Park .... Ensemble
  • Waltz Ballad—The Sun About to Rise .... Sid, Addie, Jim and Ensemble
  • Song and Chorus—Some Girl Is on Your Mind .... Jim, Tom, Sid, Thornton and Male Ensemble
  • Duet—Don't Ever Leave Me .... Addie and Jim
  • Reprise: Here Am I .... Dot
  • Finaletto .... Addie
  • Miss Lulu Ward's Specialty .... Lulu
  • Harbor Scena
  • Scene .... Addie, Sid and Jim
  • Reprise: 'Twas Not So Long Ago .... Chorus
  • Finale .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

It's been written that the Great Crash was the probable reason why Sweet Adeline did not run longer. Another contributing factor may have been the absence of co-star Irene Franklin for five weeks. Franklin had an attack of appendicitis on Sunday, Feb. 11, 1930. She had an appendectomy the following day. A week or so later she and her husband, Jerry Jarnigan (who was also in the show in a small role and had written the music for one of her songs), went down to Havana for three weeks.

They returned on March 11. On March 12, it was announced in the press that she  would rejoin the show on March 17. During Franklin's absence, another popular vaudeville star, Lillian Fitzgerald, played Franklin's role of Lulu Ward, which had been tailored very much to her performance persona. In addition to her husband writing the music for one of her songs, she wrote the lyrics for two of them. The next day, March 13, the press reported that the show would close on March 22. Franklin's return to the show ended up being for only the final week of performances.

It may be that her absence had an effect on the box office. Momentum may have been lost, and there may have been a realization that even her return would not help enough. Still, a run of 234 performances was generally considered a good run for a big musical at this time.

In the fall of 1930, there was a five-month tour starring Helen Morgan and Franklin in their original roles.

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