The Streets of New York

Original Off-Broadway Production (1963)

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Choreography and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Gideon Bloodgood
Captain Fairweather
Mr. Puffy
Alida Bloodgood
Mark Livingstone
Lucy Fairweather
Mrs. Fairweather
Mrs. Puffy

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Prologue .... Bloodgood, Badger, Captain Fairweather, 2 Porters
  • Tourist Madrigal .... Bloodgood, Mr. Puffy and the Ensemble
  • He'll Come to Me Crawling .... Alida
  • If I May .... Lucy, Bridget, Kathleen and Moira
  • If I May (Reprise) .... Mark
  • Aren't You Warm .... Lucy, Mark and Mrs. Fairweather
  • Where Can the Rich and Poor Be Friends .... Mrs. Fairweather, Mr. and Mrs. Puffy, Mark, Lucy, Bloodgood, 2 Toughs
  • California .... Badger, Mexicans and Bloodgood
  • Finale .... Alida, Bloodgood, Badger, Edwards and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Christmas Carol .... Mr. and Mrs. Puffy, Mark, Badger, Bloodgood and Ensemble
  • Laugh After Laugh .... Alida and Ensemble
  • Arms for the Love of Me .... Lucy
  • Close Your Eyes .... Lucy, Mrs. Fairweather and Badger
  • Love Wins Again .... Lucy and Mark
  • Finale .... The Entire Company

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