Songs for a New World

Original Off-Off-Broadway Production (1995)

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Act One

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  • The New World .... Company
  • On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492 .... Billy and Company
  • Just One Step .... Jessica
  • I'm Not Afraid of Anything .... Andrea
  • The River Won't Flow .... Company
  • Stars and the Moon .... Jessica
  • She Cries .... Brooks
  • The Steam Train .... Billy and Company

Act Two

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  • The World Was Dancing .... Brooks and Company
  • Surabaya-Santa .... Jessica
  • Christmas Lullaby .... Andrea
  • King of the World .... Billy
  • I'd Give It All for You .... Brooks and Andrea
  • The Flagmaker, 1775 .... Jessica
  • Flying Home .... Billy and Company
  • The New World
  • Hear My Song .... Company

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Trivia & History

There is some uncertainty about the number of preview performances versus performances from press date through closing. Some sources state that the production played 28 performances, but that number clearly includes previews. Other sources state the production played 12 performances, presumably counting from the press date. But it is hard to figure out a performance schedule, or at least a consistent performance schedule, that would allow 16 performances from October 11, 1995 (the date of the first performance) through October 25, 1995 (the day before press date), and then would allow 12 performances from October 26 through November. It may be that more performances were played in some weeks than in others.

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