Song of Norway

Original Broadway Production (1944)

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Director (book)
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Cast Highlights

Rikard Nordraak
Nina Hagerup
Edvard Grieg
Father Grieg
Mother Grieg
Count Peppi le Loup
Countess Louisa Giovanni
The Maiden Norway

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Prelude .... Orchestra
  • The Legend .... Rikard
  • Hill of Dreams .... Nina, Edvard and Rikard
  • In the Holiday Spirit .... Dancing Peasants
  • Freddy and His Fiddle .... Einar, Sigrid, Freddy and Singing Townspeople
  • Now .... Louisa and Townspeople
  • Strange Music .... Edvard and Nina
  • Midsummer's Eve .... Rikard and Louisa
  • March of the Trollgers (The Cake Lottery) .... Entire Ensemble
  • Finale of Act I:
    • Hymn of Betrothal .... Mother Grieg and Villagers
    • Reprise: Strange Music .... Edvard, Nina and Chorus
    • Reprise: Midsummer's Eve .... Rikard, Nina and Chorus

Act Two

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  • Introduction: Papillon
  • Bon Vivant—Part I .... Edvard and Girls
    • Part II .... Peppi, Edvard, Miss Anders and Girls
  • Three Loves .... Louisa and Edvard
  • Finaletto
    • Down Your Tea .... Louisa, Faculty and Guests
    • Nordraak's Farewell .... Rikard 
    • Reprise: Three Loves .... Louisa, Nina and Ensemble
  • Chocolate Pas de Trois .... Tito and His Employees
  • Waltz Eternal .... Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Peer Gynt .... Ballet of the Italian Opera
    • Solveig's Melody
    • Hall of the Dovre King
    • Anitra's Dance
  • I Love You .... Nina
  • At Christmastime .... Father Grieg, Mother Grieg and Nina
  • Reprise: Midsummer's Eve .... Edvard and Nina
    • Strange Music
  • The Song of Norway

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Trivia & History

Walter Cassel created the role of Edvard Grieg when the show premiered in Los Angeles, but he left during the run there. Lawrence Brooks seems to have taken for the final week in Los Angeles and then he stayed with the show.

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