Original Broadway Production (1973)

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Cast Highlights

Melody Hazleton
Walter Smith
Ed Baggett
Mrs. Smith/Irish Maid
Sinclair Firestone
Pilot/Prompter/Vice President of Slimeroonie

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Boy Meets Girl .... Ensemble
  • There's a Big Job Waiting for You .... Baggett, Ensemble
  • There's a Big Job Waiting for You (reprise) .... Mrs. Smith
  • To the Ends of the Earth .... Melody, Passengers
  • Balinasia .... Island Beauties
  • Onh-Honh-Honh! .... Jacques
  • Police Song .... Policemen
  • You Need a Song .... Ralph, Smith, Herbie, Bruce, Ernie
  • How Beautiful It Was .... Melody, Smith, The Dancing Melody
  • Island Ritual .... Ensemble
  • People Don't Do That .... Smith

Act Two

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  • You're in New York Now .... Ensemble
  • It Must Be Love .... Smith, Melody, Ensemble
  • Song of the Frog .... Firestone, Smith, Baggett
  • G'bye .... Melody
  • Melody .... Smith, Company
  • It Must Be Love (reprise) .... Smith, Melody

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Trivia & History

Some sources classify this production as having been Off-Broadway, but despite the location of the Eden Theatre (at 2nd Avenue and 12th Street), this was considered a Broadway production. The theatre seated approximately 1,200 people and the production was under Broadway contracts. It's listed as a Broadway production in The Best Plays of 1972-1973 and the Internet Broadway Database lists it as a Broadway production. Since the Best Plays series based its classifications of Broadway and Off-Broadway on Variety's classifications, we know that Variety considered it a Broadway production.

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