Smiling the Boy Fell Dead

Original Off-Broadway Production (1961)

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Cast Highlights

Waldo Templeton
Lawyer Manson
Eva Templeton
Squire Gatsby
Amanda Gatsby
Simeon Moodis
Dorothea Gatsby
Tobias Tyler
The Bandit
Dean Rigby

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Sons of Greentree .... The Entire Company
  • Let's Evolve .... Waldo and the Boys
  • The ABC's of Success .... Waldo and Manson
  • If I Felt Any Younger Today .... Manson, Eva, the Martins, the Johnsons and the Kiplingers
  • More Than Ever Now .... Dorothea
  • I've Got a Wonderful Future .... Waldo
  • Small Town .... The Martins, the Johnsons, the Kiplingers, Manson, Eva and Amanda
  • Heredity-Environment .... Moodis
  • The Gatsby Bridge March .... The Entire Company
  • A World to Win .... Dorothea and Waldo
  • The Wonderful Machine .... Waldo and the Entire Company

Act Two

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  • Temperance Polka .... Tobias and Chicago People
  • Daydreams .... Waldo
  • Dear Old Dad .... Eva and Waldo
  • Me and Dorothea .... Moodis
  • Two by Two .... Dorothea and Waldo
  • More Than Ever Now (Reprise) .... Dorothea
  • The ABC's of Success (Reprise) .... The Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Word Baker was the original director. The production, which started previews on March 31, 1961, was originally scheduled to open on April 11. In the New York Times on April 12, 1961, it was announced that Baker was being replaced by Gerald Freedman. The article also mentioned that the show had been scheduled to open the night before, but the opening was being delayed by a week.

Two days later the theatre column in the Times reported that Freedman would not be taking over as director. When the show opened, there was no credited director, but co-producer Theodore Man was listed as production supervisor.

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