Simple Simon

Original Broadway Production (1930)

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Cast Highlights

Jack Horner (Jack and Jill)
Gilly Flower
Simon (Keeper of Information and Newspaper Shop)
Elaine King (Cinderella)
Tony Prince (Prince Charming)
Captain in Dullna Army
Premiere Danseuse
Bert Blue (Bluebeard)
Pingy (Bluebeard's Henchman)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Coney Island ... Girls, Boys, Barkers, Dancers
  • Don't Tell Your Folks .... Jack and Jill
  • Magic Music .... Jill and Magic Girls
  • I Still Believe in You .... Sal
  • Send for Me .... Elaine, Tony and Girls
  • Dull and Gay .... Captain and Vera
  • Sweetenheart .... Jack and Jill
  • Hunting the Fox .... Leader of the Hunt and Hunters
  • Hunting Ballet .... Premiere Danseuse, Toe Dancers and Show Girls
  • Mocking Bird .... Simon
  • Finaletto .... Company
  • Fairyland (I Love the Woods) .... Girls

Act Two

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  • On With the Dance .... Drugstore Girls
  • I Can Do Wonders With You .... Cinderella and Prince
  • Ten Cents a Dance .... Sal
  • In Your Chapeau .... Simon
  • Roping .... Simon and Jack
  • Kissing Forest Ballet .... Premiere Danseuse and Dancers
  • The Trojan Horse .... King Otto's Soldiers
  • Rags and Tatters .... Vagabond and Boys
  • Cottage in the Country .... Company


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Trivia & History

The tryout was to have opened on January 24, 1930, at the Colonial in Boston, but at the last minute it was postponed three days, opening instead on January 27.

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