Original Broadway Production (1956)

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Cast Highlights

Hugh Conway
Charles Mallinson
Miss Brinklow
Robert Henderson
Rita Henderson
High Lama
Dancer Perrault

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Om Mani Padme Hum .... Male Singers
  • Lost Horizon .... Entire Company
  • Dance of Welcome .... Dancer Perrault, Ti, Pole Boys, Lotus Girl, Tigers, Tiger Tamer
  • The Man I Never Met .... Lo-Tsen
  • Dance of Moderate Chastity .... Miss Brinklow and Dancers
  • The World Outside .... Lo-Tsen and Charles Mallinson
  • Requiem .... Singers and Dancers
  • I'm Just a Little Bit Confused .... Miss Brinklow
  • The Beetle Race .... Chang and Ensemble
  • Somewhere .... Charles Mallinson
  • The Story of Shangri-La .... Dancer Perrault and Dancers

Act Two

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  • What Every Girl Should Know .... Miss Brinklow and Chang
  • Second Time in Love .... Robert and Rita Henderson
  • Talkin' with Your Feet .... Robert and Rita Henderson
  • Walk Sweet .... Lo-Tsen
  • Love Is What I Never Knew .... Lo-Tsen and Charles Mallinson
  • We've Decided to Stay .... Miss Brinkow, Robert and Rita Henderson
  • Dance of Time .... Lo-Tsen and Dancers
  • Shangri-La .... Hugh Conway

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Trivia & History

The production was originally scheduled to open on Broadway on May 30, 1956, but the need for revisions caused the opening to be delayed to June 13. During the out-of-town tryout, Albert Marre replaced Marshall Jamison as director, and both leads were replaced. Lew Ayres was replaced by Dennis King, and Susan Cabot was replaced by Shirley Yamaguchi. For a time during the tryout, Jack Cassidy, who was playing a supporting role and understudying Lew Ayres, played the leading male role.

Performances were canceled for the final week of the pre-Broadway run in Boston and the production went back into rehearsal, staying in Boston to rehearse.

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