Original Broadway Production (1973)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Seesaw .... Company
  • My City .... Jerry and the Neighborhood Girls
  • Nobody Does It Like Me .... Gittel
  • In Tune .... Gittel and Jerry
  • Spanglish .... Julio Gonzales, Gittel, Jerry, Sophie and Full Company
  • Welcome to Holiday Inn .... Gittel
  • You're a Loveable Lunatic .... Jerry
  • He's Good for Me .... Gittel
  • Ride Out the Storm .... Sparkle, Sophie and Full Company

Act Two

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  • We've Got It .... Jerry Ryan
  • Poor Everybody Else .... Gittel
  • Chapter 54, Number 1909 .... David, Jerry, Gittel and Dance Company
  • The Concert .... Gittel and Dance Company
  • It's Not Where You Start .... David and Full Company
  • I'm Way Ahead .... Gittel
  • Seesaw (Reprise) .... Gittel

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Pre-Broadway changes of director and performers

During the pre-Broadway tryout in Detroit, director Edwin Sherin was replaced by Michael Bennett. Also, leading lady Lainie Kazan was fired, and Michelle Lee was hired to replace her. Original choreographer Grover Dale stayed on, but his work was supplemented by choreography from Bennett, Bob Avian and Tommy Tune. Tune also replaced Bill Starr in the supporting role of David. Kazan agreed to stay on in her role through the end of run in Detroit, while Lee rehearsed the new version of the show that was being prepared. It seems that Starr also remained as David for the whole run in Detroit, although it's not clear when he was told he was being replaced. It may be that he was not told until after the Detroit closing.


The original orchestrations were agreed by everyone to be awful. Larry Fallon, who had been hired to do the orchestrations even though he had no experience orchestrating for Broadway, was replaced by Larry Wilcox. Jonathan Tunick also did some work on the show, but the orchestrations heard on Broadway were largely Wilcox's work, for which he did not receive credit. Even on the post-Broadway tour, Fallon was still credited as the orchestrator (and there was no credit for Wilcox), even though all (or virtually all) of Fallon's work had been replaced.

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Main Run

Tryout Dates

Audio Recordings

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