The Sap of Life

Original Off-Broadway Production (1961)

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Cast Highlights

Oscar, Their Father
Jessie, Their Mother
Ruthanne, The Neighbor's Girl
Dot, The Old Aunt
Sally Ann, Another Neighbor's Girl

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Saturday Morning .... Andrew, Horatio
  • Farewell Family .... Andrew, The Family
  • Charmed Life .... Andrew, Horatio
  • Fill Up Your Life with Sunshine .... The Office Family
  • Good Morning .... Ruthanne, Andrew
  • Watching the Big Parade Go By .... Horatio
  • The Love of Your Life .... Andrew, Horatio, The Family

Act Two

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  • A Hero's Love .... Andrew, Ruthanne
  • Children Have It Easy .... Andrew, Dot
  • She Loves Me Not .... Horatio, Sally Anne, Andrew
  • Mind Over Matter .... The Boss
  • Time and Time Again .... Ruthanne
  • Finale .... Andrew, The Family

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Trivia & History

The production was originally annouced to close on November 5, 1961, but the run was extended after Eleanor Roosevelt wrote favorably about the show in her New York Post column. A quotation from Mrs. Roosevelt — "I hope the public will patronize it" — was used in newspaper ads, but even with beloved former first lady's endorsement the public still didn't come in sufficient numbers for the show to last more than one more week.

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