Closed on the road (1971)

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Cast Highlights

Henry Baines
Prettybelle Sweet
Mother Sweet
Lovey Sweet
Ray Schaeffer
Willy Thomas
Leroy Sweet
Mason Miller

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Picayumi Gazette .... Prettybelle, Baines, Sybil Mae
  • Manic Depressives .... Prettybelle
  • Policeman's Hymn .... Police Band
  • Prettybelle .... Folksinger
  • You Ain't Hurtin' Your Ole Lady None .... Leroy, Ray, Cully, Bubba, Huey
  • To a Small Degree .... Prettybelle
  • Back from the Great Beyond .... Leroy
  • How Could I Know What Was Goin' On? .... Prettybelle
  • I Never Did Imagine .... Prettybelle, Jesus
  • New Orleans Poon .... Mother Sweet
  • In the Japanese Gardens .... Prettybelle
  • An Individual Thing .... Mason
  • I Met a Man .... Prettybelle
  • Prettybelle (Reprise) .... Folksinger

Act Two

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  • The No-Tell Motel .... Prettybelle, Company
  • I'm in a Tree .... Prettybelle
  • When I'm Drunk I'm Beautiful .... Prettybelle
  • Give Me a Share in America .... Willy
  • Prettybelle (Finale) .... Prettybelle, Folksinger

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

The song list above represents the song list at the beginning of the Boston run. Several numbers — including "Picayumi Gazette," "Manic Depressives," "I'm in a Tree," "New Orleans Poon" and "Give Me a Share in America" — seem to have been cut during the run, while "Policeman's Hymn" and "Back From the Great Beyond" both seem to have remained in the show but only in fragmentary form. "I'm Doin' Okay in My Own Way" was definitely in the production during the Boston run but may have been added after performances started.

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