Original Broadway Production (1972)

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  • Magic to Do .... The Players
  • Corner of the Sky .... Pippin
  • Welcome Home .... Charles and Pippin
  • War Is a Science .... Charles and Pippin
  • Glory .... Leading Player
  • Simple Joys .... Leading Player
  • No Time at All .... Berthe and The Boys
  • With You .... Pippin and The Girls
  • Spread a Little Sunshine .... Fastrada
  • Morning Glow .... Pippin
  • On the Right Track .... Leading Player and Pippin
  • Kind of Woman .... Catherine and The Girls
  • Extraordinary .... Pippin
  • Love Song .... Pippin and Catherine
  • The Finale .... The Players

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Trivia & History

The playbill's cast list never included the members of the ensemble who did not have specific character names. (This is probably why they are not listed in either The Best Plays of 1972-1973 or in Theatre World for the 1972-1973 season.) Those cast members' names were only listed on the main credits page. In our complete cast list, we list them as "The Players," since that is how they were identified in the playbill's list of musical numbers.

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