Peter Pan

Original Broadway Production (1950)

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Mrs. Darling
Mr. Darling
Peter Pan
Captain Hook
Tiger Lily

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  • Who Am I? .... Wendy
  • The Pirate Song .... Captain Hook and the Pirates
  • My House .... Wendy
  • Never Land .... Mermaids
  • Peter, Peter .... Wendy
  • The Plank .... Captain Hook and the Pirates

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Trivia & History

In the booklet for the studio-cast recording on the Koch label that was issued in 2005, Alexander Frey, the recording's conductor, wrote that "in the original 1950 production, most of the music was actually instrumental underscoring ... that had been composed by Alec Wilder." In fact, no music by Alec Wilder was heard in the 1950 Broadway production. This misinformation also appeared in several articles about the recording, including one in the New York Times.

Some time later, Garth Edwin Sunderland (one of the orchestrators credited on the recording) set the record straight in the Bernstein Society's publication prelude, fugue and riffs. Sunderland wrote: 

"For the original cast recording, Bernstein's instrumental numbers, for reasons unknown, were replaced with new cues by Alec Wilder (which has led to the misconception that Bernstein's incidental music was not used in the Broadway production)." 

Sunderland's article was later posted on the website of the score's publishers, Boosey & Hawkes, on the page for the score.

A number of people knew all along that only Bernstein's music was heard in the production, among them the writer on Broadway musicals Ken Mandelbaum, who mentioned it in his online review of the recording. It's odd that both Frey, who was said to have done years of research to restore the score, and the people in charge of the Bernstein estate didn't know such basic information.

Making it odder is that elsewhere in the booklet, notes by Daniel Felsenfeld quote from opening-night reviews that praised Bernstein for his (as one of the critics put it) "excellent musical accompaniment for the action." Surely if Wilder had written the incidental music, the critics would have mentioned Wilder (who was hardly unknown in 1950) as well as Bernstein. 

Felsenfeld's notes also contain some incorrect information when they state that "Captain Hook's Soliloquy" was not in the Broadway production "mostly due to lack of vocal ability on the part of the actors." In fact, the aria wasn't even written till later, specifically for the opera singer Lawrence Tibbett, who played Hook in a post-Broadway tour

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