Original Broadway Production (1998)

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Cast Highlights

Lucille Frank
Leo Frank
Hugh Dorsey
Governor Slaton
Frankie Epps
Jim Conley
Newt Lee
Mrs. Phagan
Britt Craig
Judge Roan

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Prologue: The Old Red Hills of Home .... Young Soldier, Old Soldier, Ensemble
  • Anthem: The Dream of Atlanta .... Ensemble
  • How Can I Call This Home? .... Leo Frank, Ensemble
  • The Picture Show .... Frankie Epps, Mary Phagan
  • Leo at Work
  • What Am I Waiting For? .... Leo Frank, Lucille Frank
  • Interrogation: 'I am trying to remember...' .... Newt Lee, Mrs. Phagan
  • Big News! .... Britt Craig
  • There Is a Fountain
  • It Don't Make Sense .... Frankie Epps, Ensemble
  • Watson's Lullaby .... Tom Watson
  • Somethin' Ain't Right .... Hugh Dorsey
  • Real Big News .... Britt Craig, Reporters, Ensemble
  • You Don't Know This Man .... Lucille Frank
  • The Trial, Part I: It Is Time Now .... Fiddlin' John, Tom Watson, Ensemble
  • The Trial, Part II: Twenty Miles From Marietta .... Hugh Dorsey
  • The Trial, Part III: Frankie's Testimony .... Frankie Epps, Mary Phagan, Tom Watson. Ensemble
  • The Trial, Part IV: The Factory Girls
  • Come Up to My Office .... Iola, Essie, Monteen, Leo Frank
  • The Trial, Part V: Newt Lee's Testimony .... Newt Lee, Ensemble
  • The Trial, Part VI: My Child Will Forgive Me .... Mrs. Phagan
  • The Trial, Part VII: That's What He Said .... Jim Conley, Ensemble
  • The Trial, Part VIII: Leo's Testimony: 'It's hard to speak my heart' .... Leo Frank
  • The Trial, Part DC: Closing Statements & Verdict .... Ensemble

Act Two

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  • It Goes On and On .... Britt Craig
  • A Rumblin' and a Rollin' .... Riley, Angela, Newt Lee, Jim Conley
  • Do It Alone .... Lucille Frank
  • Pretty Music .... Governor Slaton
  • Letter to the Governor .... Judge Roan
  • This Is Not Over Yet .... Leo Frank, Lucille Frank, Factory Girls, Newt Lee
  • Blues: Feel the Rain Fall .... Jim Conley, Ensemble
  • Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes? .... Tom Watson, Hugh Dorsey, Ensemble
  • All the Wasted Time .... Leo Frank, Lucille Frank
  • Finale .... Ensemble

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