On the Town

Original Broadway Production (1944)

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Musical Numbers and Choreography

Cast Highlights

Madame Maude P. Dilly
Lucy Schmeeler
The Great Lover

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet .... Workman
  • New York, New York .... Gabey, Chip and Ozzie
  • Miss Turnstiles .... Danced by Ivy and Male Soloists from the Dance Ensemble
  • Come Up to My Place .... Hildy and Chip
  • Carried Away .... Claire and Ozzie; Danced by Soloists from the Dance Ensemble
  • Lonely Town .... Gabey and Chorus; Danced by High School Girl, Sailor in Blue and Ballet
  • Do, Re, Do .... Madame Dilly, Ivy and Girls; Danced by Ivy
  • I Can Cook .... Hildy
  • Lucky to Be Me .... Gabey and Chorus
  • Sailors on the Town .... Penny Arcade Boy and Dance Ensemble

Act Two

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  • So Long .... Six female dancers
  • I'm Blue .... Singer (Diana Dream), Spanish Singer
  • You Got Me .... Hildy, Chip, Claire, Ozzie
  • I Understand .... Pitkin and Lucy
  • Subway to Coney Island .... Danced by Five Soloists from the Dance Ensemble
  • Gabey in the Playground of the Rich .... Danced by Ivy and The Great Lover, and Members of the Dance Ensemble
  • Some Other Time .... Hildy, Chip, Claire, Ozzie
  • Coney Island .... Ivy and Cooch Girls
  • New York, New York (reprise) .... Three Sailors and Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Most unusually for the time period, the production played two public previews before the official opening-night of its tryout run at the Colonial in Boston. This was explained in the New York Times as having been deemed necessary because there was a shortage of stagehands "and on that account it was considered inadvisable to have the critics present." It wasn't until Friday of that week that the full quota of stagehands was available, and the Boston critics aw the show on that night.

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