Original Broadway Production (1943)

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Cast Highlights

Aunt Eller
Will Parker
Jud Fry
Ado Annie Carnes
Ali Hakim
"Laurey Makes Up Her Mind" - Laurey
"Laurey Makes Up Her Mind" - Curly
"Laurey Makes Up Her Mind" - Jud

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture .... Orchestra]
  • Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' .... Curly
  • The Surrey With the Fringe on Top .... Curly, Laurey, Aunt Eller
  • Kansas City .... Will, Aunt Eller and the Boys
  • I Cain't Say No .... Ado Annie
  • Many a New Day .... Laurey and the Girls, Danced by Sylvie, Armina and Ellen
  • It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage! .... Ali Hakim and the Boys and Girls
  • People Will Say .... Curly and Laurey
  • Pore Jud .... Curly and Jud
  • Lonely Room .... Jud
  • Out of My Dreams .... Laurey and the Girls
  • Laurey Makes Up Her Mind .... Laurey, Curly, Jud, the Child, Jud's Post Cards, Laurey's Friends, Cowboys, Other Post Cards

Act Two

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  • [Entr'acte .... Orchestra]
  • The Farmer and the Cowman .... Sung by Carnes, Aunt Eller, Curly, Will, Ado Annie, Fred and Ensemble, Danced by Chalmers
  • All er Nothin' .... Ado Annie and Will, Danced by Armina and Sylvie
  • Reprise: People Will Say .... Curly and Laurey
  • Oklahoma .... Curly, Laurey, Aunt Eller, Ike, Fred and Ensemble
  • Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'  .... Laurey, Curly and Ensemble
  • Finale

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Some online sources list seven people as having been in the opening-night cast who were not in the cast list in the opening-week playbill. Five of these were replacements fairly early in the run: Remo Arlotta, Joseph Cunneff, June Graham, Pat Meany and Arthur Ulisse.

Another, Jack Harwood, was listed in the pre-Broadway New Haven and Boston programs, but he was cut from the show before Broadway. In his book Oklahoma! The Making of an American Musical, Tim Carter is uncertain whether Harwood made it to opening night in New Haven. 

The seventh is Gary Smith, Jr. We have yet to find him listed in any playbill for the show.

Another oddity of the cast lists on these sites is the inclusion of seven "swings." There were no swings listed in the opening-week Broadway playbill. We have not come across playbills from any point in the run that list swings. Six of the seven performers listed as swings on those sites were in the opening-week playbills, but listed as regular members of the cast, not swings. The seventh, Pat Meany, was (as already mentioned) a replacement during the run.

Lastly, someone who was listed in the opening-week playbill's cast list, Kenneth LeRoy, is not listed on these sites as having been a member of the original cast but is listed among the replacements.

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