Oh Captain!

Original Broadway Production (1958)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • A Very Proper Town .... The Captain and the Company
  • Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Gives Him Simple Joys) .... Maud and the Captain
  • A Very Proper Week .... English Townspeople
  • Life Does a Man a Favor (When it Leads Him Down to The Sea) .... The Captain, Manzoni and the Crew
  • Captain Henry St. James .... The Crew of the S.S. Paradise
  • The Dock Dance .... The Dockworkers
  • Three Paradises .... The Captain
  • Surprise .... Maud and the Neighbors
  • Life Does a Man a Favor (When it Puts Him in Paree) .... The Captain
  • Hey, Madame .... Sung and Danced by the Captain and Lisa
  • Femininity .... Bobo
  • It's Never Quite the Same .... Manzoni and the Crew
  • It's Never Quite the Same (Reprise) .... Manzoni, Maud and the Crew
  • We're Not Children .... Maud and the Spainard
  • Give It All You Got .... Mae and the Tourists
  • Love Is Hell .... Mae and the Ladies of the Ensemble
  • Keep It Simple .... Bobo and Her Dancing Companions

Act Two

  • The Morning Music of Montmartre .... Mae and the People of Montmarte
  • You Don't Know Him .... Bobo and Maud
  • I've Been There and I'm Back .... Manzoni and the Captain
  • Double Standard .... Bobo and Maud
  • All the Time .... The Captain
  • You're So Right for Me .... Manzoni and Bobo
  • All the Time (Reprise) .... Maud
  • Finale .... Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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