Oh Captain!

Original Broadway Production (1958)

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Captain Henry St. James
Mrs. Maud St. James
Enrico Manzoni
A Clerk
The Guide
A Spaniard

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • A Very Proper Town .... The Captain and the Company
  • Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Gives Him Simple Joys) .... Maud and the Captain
  • A Very Proper Week .... English Townspeople
  • Life Does a Man a Favor (When it Leads Him Down to The Sea) .... The Captain, Manzoni and the Crew
  • Captain Henry St. James .... The Crew of the S.S. Paradise
  • The Dock Dance .... The Dockworkers
  • Three Paradises .... The Captain
  • Surprise .... Maud and the Neighbors
  • Life Does a Man a Favor (When it Puts Him in Paree) .... The Captain
  • Hey, Madame .... Sung and Danced by the Captain and Lisa
  • Femininity .... Bobo
  • It's Never Quite the Same .... Manzoni and the Crew
  • It's Never Quite the Same (Reprise) .... Manzoni, Maud and the Crew
  • We're Not Children .... Maud and the Spainard
  • Give It All You Got .... Mae and the Tourists
  • Love Is Hell .... Mae and the Ladies of the Ensemble
  • Keep It Simple .... Bobo and Her Dancing Companions

Act Two

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  • The Morning Music of Montmartre .... Mae and the People of Montmarte
  • You Don't Know Him .... Bobo and Maud
  • I've Been There and I'm Back .... Manzoni and the Captain
  • Double Standard .... Bobo and Maud
  • All the Time .... The Captain
  • You're So Right for Me .... Manzoni and Bobo
  • All the Time (Reprise) .... Maud
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

It was announced that Dorothy Lamour would take over the role of Bobo on July 10, 1958. Her first performance ended up being delayed till July 16. Lamour was supposed to stay in the role through August 16. Denise Darcel, who had played the role for a week in May, was to take over on August 18. As it turned out, the show closed on July 19.

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