Original Off-Broadway Production (1985)

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Cast Highlights

Sister Mary Cardelia
Sister Mary Hubert
Sister Robert Anne
Sister Mary Amnesia
Sister Mary Leo

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Welcome .... Sr. Mary Cardelia
  • Nunsense Is Habit Forming .... Company
  • Opening Remarks .... Srs. Cardelia and Hubert
  • Difficult Transition, A .... Cast
  • Quiz, The .... Sr. Mary Amnesia
  • Benedicite .... Sr. Mary Leo
  • Playing Second Fiddle .... Sr. Robert Anne
  • Taking Responsibility .... Sr. Mary Cardelia
  • So You Want to Be a Nun .... Sr. Mary Amensia
  • Word from the Reverend Mother, A .... Sr. Mary Cardelia
  • Turn Up the Spotlight .... Sr. Mary Cardelia
  • Lilacs Bring Back Memories .... Srs. Cardelia, Hubert, Leo and Amnesia
  • Unexpected Discovery, An .... Sr. Mary Cardelia
  • Tackle That Temptation with a Time Step .... Cast

Act Two

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  • Robert to the Rescue .... Sr. Robert Anne
  • Growing Up Catholic .... Sr. Robert Anne with Srs. Leo, Hubert and Amnesia
  • We've Got to Clean Out the Freezer .... Cast
  • Minor Catastrophe, A .... Cast
  • Just a Coupl'a Sisters .... Srs. Cardelia and Hubert
  • Soup's On (Dying Nun Ballet) .... Sr. Mary Leo
  • Baking with the BVM .... Srs. Cardelia, Hubert and Amnesia
  • Playing Second Fiddle (Reprise) .... Sr. Robert Anne
  • I Just Want to Be a Star .... Sr. Robert Anne
  • Drive In, The .... Srs. Robert Anne, Amnesia and Leo
  • Home Movie, A .... Cast
  • I Could've Gone to Nashville .... Sr. Mary Amnesia
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo .... Cast
  • Closing Remarks .... Sr. Mary Cardelia and Cast
  • Holier Than Thou .... Sr. Mary Hubert and Cast
  • Nunsense Is Habit Forming (Reprise) .... Cast

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Trivia & History

According to the published script, originally, the Mother Superior was named Sister Mary Cardelia.  However, during the run it was changed to Sister Mary Regina, while Sister Mary Cardelia is the nun who modeled for the convent greeting cards.

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