Now is the Time for All Good Men

Original Off-Broadway Production (1967)

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Cast Highlights

Sarah Larkin, the music teacher
Eugenie Seldin, the waitress
Mike Butler, the new teacher
Tooney, the landlady
Albert McKinley, the principal
Betty Brown, Home Economics
Esther Mason, Elementary English
Herbert Heller, the coach
Bill Miller, Science
Jasper Wilkins, Agriculture

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • We Shall Meet in the Great Hearafter .... The Company
  • Keep 'em Busy, Keep 'em Quiet .... Miller, Albert, Esther, Mike, Betty, Sarah, Jasper, Herbert
  • What's in the Air .... Mike
  • Tea in the Rain .... Sarah
  • What's a Guy Like You Doin' in a Place Like This? .... Eugenie
  • Halloween Hayride .... Betty, Tooney, Esther, Miller, Jasper, Tommy, Ramona
  • Katydid .... Betty, Miller, Esther, Jasper, Tooney, Tommy, Ramona
  • See Everything New .... Mike and Sarah
  • All Alone .... Mike
  • He Could Show Me .... Sarah
  • Washed Away .... Tooney, Esther, Albert, Sarah, Herbert, Jasper, Miller, Tommy, Ramona, Betty
  • Stuck-Up .... Eugenie
  • My Holiday .... Sarah and Mike
  • Down Through History .... Tommy and Ramona
  • All Alone (reprise) .... Tommy and Mike

Act Two

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  • It Was Good Enough for Grandpa .... The Company
  • A Simple Life .... Albert and Sarah
  • A Star on the Monument .... Herbert, Miller, Jasper, Tommy
  • Rain Your Love on Me .... Mike and Sarah
  • Stuck-Up (reprise) .... Eugenie
  • There's Goin' to Be a Wedding .... Herbert, Tooney, Tommy, Ramona, Betty, Miller, Esther, Jasper
  • All Alone (Quintet reprise) .... Tommy, Ramona, Mike, Herbert, Tooney

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Trivia & History

Cretchen Cryer went by the name Sally Niven for her role as Sarah Larkin in the opening night playbill. About a week after the opening, it was revealed that she was Sally Niven was Gretchen Cryer, co-author of the show. Nonetheless, she was billed as Sally Niven on the cast recording. We're not sure if she was ever billed as Gretchen Cryer in the playbill or if she remained Sally Niven for the entire run.

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